Meeting Schedule

If you are a male needing information regarding meetings or sponsorship, please contact Jimmy C. at 612-735-7276 or Myron M. at 715-220-6056,

If you are a woman needing information regarding meetings or sponsorship, please contact Susan G. at 715-760-2010, You can also contact Pam N (AA/NA) at 715-529-7698 or .

If you are needing information about Al-Anon, a group for the families and friends of alcoholics, please contact Shannon B. at 715-338-6755.

9:30 am AA (topic/step, open)
6:30 pm ALANON

10:00 am AA Attitude and Action (step/topic, closed)
6:30 pm AA There is a Solution (Big Book, closed)
8:00 pm AA Came to Believe (Big Book, closed)
8:00 pm CMA (Crystal Meth Anonymous) lower level

10:00 am Brown Baggers (topic/step)
6:00 pm AA Dealers Choice (step/topic, closed)
8:00 pm AA (topic/discussion, closed)

3:00 pm AA Dealer’s Choice (step/topic, closed)
6:15 Alano Society Board Meeting – 1st Wednesday of the month
6:30 AA Women’s Meeting
8:00 pm AA Topic/Discussion (closed)

10:30 am AA & ALANON Back to Basics (Big Book, open)
6:00 pm AA Early Bird (step/topic, closed)
6:00 pm Codependents Anonymous –  contact Jamie 715-308-4844
8:00 pm AA 12 Step (topic/discussion, closed)

10:00 am AA Freedom Friday (step/topic, closed)
6:00 pm 11th Step (meditation, open)
8:00 pm AA 12×12 (step/topic, closed)

8:30 am Intro to Sobriety
10:30 am AA Serenity Sisters (women’s meeting, closed)
6:00 pm Saturday Night Speaks – an open 12-Step program speaker meeting (open)
8:00 pm CMA (Crystal Meth Anonymous)

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