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The lessening of COVID Restrictions has resulted in “some” changes in The River Falls Alano Meeting Schedule.

In general, meetings are occurring as scheduled with the following exceptions:

Wednesday 6:30 Women’s Meeting continues to be a ZOOM meeting. Details on Women of River Falls Facebook page.

Friday 6:00 pm Meditation meeting is still suspended.

Saturday 10:30 am Women’s Meeting is meeting outdoors at the Club   at the scheduled time.

Saturday Night Speaks, an open Speaker meeting at 6:00 pm will resume in September 2020.

Thank you!! Stay Safe.




The “Stay at Home” Recommendation resulting from COVID19 outbreak has been extended through April 30, 2020. The River Falls Alano has elected to remain open, but individual meetings have optioned to suspend meeting for now.

Saturday Night Speaks has cancelled speakers for the month of April. The club will be open for meetings at that time.

Saturday 10:30 am Women’s Meeting is suspended until further notice. An online meeting is available.

Sunday 7:00 pm Alanon is suspended until further notice.

Tuesday 8:00 pm DRA is suspended until further notice.

Wednesday 6:30 pm Women’s Meeting is suspended until further notice.

Friday 6:00 pm Meditation Meeting is suspended until further notice.

Online Meetings can be found at the following website:

If you have attended or are attending meetings at the River Falls Alano Club and have COVID19 symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID19, please call Susan G. at 716-760-2010. We would all appreciate it.

Stay Safe. Be well.  Wash Your Hands!!!!!

Coronavirus Announcement

River Falls Alano and The Coronavirus

Meetings are at the heart of AA and other 12 step programs. As a club we are committed to fighting the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, we must now also fight a new, equally challenging disease: Corona virus (COVID-19). The RF Alano Club will remain open, however until further notice, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Unless you are desperately in need of a meeting, refrain from attending.
  • Meetings are to be limited to 10 or fewer people.
  • Seating should allow for at least six feet of separation.
  • Do not hold hands or touch in any other way before, during or after meetings.
  • Practice personal hygiene by washing and disinfecting your hands before and after meetings.
  • Wipe down and disinfect common surfaces and equipment (coffee pots, etc.) after each meeting.

Above all:

If you feel ill, stay away to avoid infecting others!

If you are vulnerable due to age and/or compromised immunity, stay away to protect yourself!

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have attended meetings, please call Susan at 715-760-2010 so that the club is aware of potential transmission. You will remain anonymous.

If you can’t attend meetings and yet need support, call your sponsor. On-line meetings can be found at

Note: Saturday Night Speaks will not be held as a speaker meeting, however there may be a call-up meeting with or without a leader. The above guidelines should still be observed.

*CANCELLED* Big Book 4th Step Inventory Workshop

When – Saturday April 4th, 2020 

Time – 12:30pm to 5pm 

Where – River Falls Alano Club 

Based on the Big Book using Joe and Charlie 4th step worksheets. You will be working on a 4th Step. 

Requirement – must have worked/completed Steps 1-2-3 with a sponsor. 

Worksheets, Pen/pencil will be provided. 

Bring your Big Book; Books will be available if you don’t have one 

Bring your own Snack/Beverage & Willingness!! 

Questions? Call Andy W 651-206-0019 / Gary S 715-425-9973

River Falls Annual Alano Club Picnic

Come join us for Food, Fellowship and Fun!

River Falls Annual
Alano Club Picnic
Saturday August 24, 2019
2:00pm to 5:30pm

Open Speaker Meeting Begins at 6pm
Family and Friends and Kids are welcome!
Please bring a lawn game if you have one!
Chicken, beverages and paper goods will be provided.

Please bring a dish to pass.

Saturday Night Speaks
will provide Root Beer Floats!

Hwy 29 and Happy Valley Rd.
W9896 770th Ave., River Falls, WI,54022



Where: River Falls Alano Club, W 9896 770th Ave., River Falls, WI.

Fun, Food and Fellowship on Monday
December 31, 2018 starting at 9:30pm
Bring a dish to Pass and the Willingness to Have A Great Time!!

Children are Welcome!!

Beverages and Paper Supplies will be provided.

Call Alisa P. 715-821-1378 or Michelle K. 561-271-5729 for information.