Coronavirus Announcement

River Falls Alano and The Coronavirus

Meetings are at the heart of AA and other 12 step programs. As a club we are committed to fighting the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, we must now also fight a new, equally challenging disease: Corona virus (COVID-19). The RF Alano Club will remain open, however until further notice, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Unless you are desperately in need of a meeting, refrain from attending.
  • Meetings are to be limited to 10 or fewer people.
  • Seating should allow for at least six feet of separation.
  • Do not hold hands or touch in any other way before, during or after meetings.
  • Practice personal hygiene by washing and disinfecting your hands before and after meetings.
  • Wipe down and disinfect common surfaces and equipment (coffee pots, etc.) after each meeting.

Above all:

If you feel ill, stay away to avoid infecting others!

If you are vulnerable due to age and/or compromised immunity, stay away to protect yourself!

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have attended meetings, please call Susan at 715-760-2010 so that the club is aware of potential transmission. You will remain anonymous.

If you can’t attend meetings and yet need support, call your sponsor. On-line meetings can be found at

Note: Saturday Night Speaks will not be held as a speaker meeting, however there may be a call-up meeting with or without a leader. The above guidelines should still be observed.

*CANCELLED* Big Book 4th Step Inventory Workshop

When – Saturday April 4th, 2020 

Time – 12:30pm to 5pm 

Where – River Falls Alano Club 

Based on the Big Book using Joe and Charlie 4th step worksheets. You will be working on a 4th Step. 

Requirement – must have worked/completed Steps 1-2-3 with a sponsor. 

Worksheets, Pen/pencil will be provided. 

Bring your Big Book; Books will be available if you don’t have one 

Bring your own Snack/Beverage & Willingness!! 

Questions? Call Andy W 651-206-0019 / Gary S 715-425-9973